Optic Q.A. Inc.

For all your inspection needs

Optic Q.A. Inc. offers inspection services backed with over 40 years of experience!

Optic Q.A. Inc. was formed under the Business Corporation Act and began operations November 1, 1982. Since the beginning of operations, we have worked on numerous projects, both large and small, locally, nationally, and globally.

Optic Q.A. Inc. strives to ensure that our clients receive quality products and services. We also work to ensure that these products and services are completed within purchase order requirements.

We are committed to providing these services and keeping our clients informed through telephone calls or email when we find issues and concerns that may result in delays or commercial impacts. We will follow up with precise reports in a timely manner. We also understand that our clients’ time is valuable and will not ask for involvement with trivial matters. These issues and concerns will be addressed by the experienced managers and coordinators in house, with results being provided on action items/areas of concern on the next available report.

Surveillance of Quality Control Systems

Optic Q.A. Inc. is fully versed with quality control manuals and procedures. We will monitor the implementation of quality control systems and ensure that procedures are being followed properly. We believe that it is of the utmost importance that vendors comply with their quality control systems to ensure that a quality product will be supplied to the customer. Upon request, we can provide surveillance of fabrication facilities. These surveys can be used to ensure that the prospective vendor’s quality control systems and qualifications meet your requirements. During the surveys, the system is audited to ensure that the vendor’s work is in compliance with their QMS. Surveys are also used to ensure that the shop, equipment, and staff are capable of the work that the client intends to order.

Monitoring Non-Destructive Testing

We will witness, review and interpret all disciplines of non-destructive testing. Non-destructive examination methods witnessed include:

Ultrasonic (manual and computerized)
Magnetic particle
Liquid penetrant
Phased Array

Services also include visual inspection of fabrication, dimensional and material checks to approved fabrication drawings and bill of materials

Fabricated products include

Heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process towers
All types of gas and oil packages from metering stations to processing plants
Storage tanks, structural steel and metal buildings
Drilling equipment (above ground and down hole)
Concrete structures such as bridges, manholes and slabs for rotating equipment
Assembly and testing of valves
Fiberglass storage tanks and pipe spooling

If you are planning on purchasing used or refurbished equipment and want to be sure what you are buying is up to par, is worth a good dollar value, or just need another set of eyes for a valuable opinion, let us conduct an equipment overview. We can visually check equipment and valves for workability, functionality, and overall condition and provide a report with our findings. Numerous photos will help in the decision for your acquisition.

Expediting Services

We will expedite your orders from purchase to completion. Our expediting service will include all stages of the order from engineering and purchasing of raw material, to fabrication and delivery to the job site.
We will immediately contact you to report any problem areas that may delay the delivery. The initial contact will be by phone with a written report to follow as soon as possible.

Quality Products and Services


Clear and concise technical reports will be written for all inspection and expediting activities. Reports are written in point form and include a summary of each of the following areas:

Action Items

Coating and Insulation (Line Pipe) Inspection

We have a network of fully qualified NACE coating inspectors available upon request for your coating needs. Our coating inspectors are experienced in various coating applications including:

Pressure vessels
Storage tanks
Pipe spooling
Oil well tubing
Line pipe