Mechanical Division


In 2018 Pro Inspection Ltd. acquired Optic Q.A. Inc. to better serve our customer’s mechanical inspection needs.

The mechanical division (Welding, Piping, Mechanical, Civil and, Structural) is responsible for inspections pertaining to the following:

Mechanical inspectors examine mechanical units of industrial and commercial components to ensure proper quality to project requirements, codes, standards, and specifications as well as environmental, health and, safety regulations.
Our inspection service includes 100% full visual inspection (VT) of the fabrication, Review of engineered drawings and the manufacturing procedure, Review of welding procedure, Review of MTR’s, Witnessing of welder qualifications, Witnessing of qualification mechanical testing, Witnessing of NDE processes, Witnessing hydro-testing, Dimensional verification, and Document review including reporting of non-conformances to approved fabrication drawings specified by the customer.
Knowledge of standards pertaining to the inspection at hand including, but not limiting to ASME, API, CSA, and ISO requirements.
Monitor vendor’s quality control systems and ensure that procedures are being followed properly to ensure that a quality product will be supplied to the customer.
Provide inspection services for many types of fabricated and welded equipment.
Provide vendor audits to ensure that the vendor’s work is in compliance with their quality control manuals.
Mechanical inspectors are certified to CWB Level 2 minimum or to the equivalent CWI inspector.

The inspection process during fabrication of pipeline equipment varies greatly depending on the type of equipment manufactured, and service conditions. The ITP will determine the level of inspection, which can be defined at the pre inspection meeting including: regular intermediate inspections, final inspection, and review of vendor data books, to ensure conformity of the product throughout the whole fabrication and manufacturing processes. We can also offer Coating inspection as we do have NACE certified inspectors in our Coating Division.
Whatever project we are on, we give full support to our client for minimizing operating costs, minimizing risks, reducing failures, and determining integrity and extending the life-cycle of their product.